Instrumental Program

The instrumental courses offered in the Performing Arts program at O’Neill combine solo, small ensemble and technical work geared towards each individual student.


Students entering the program have a skill level unique to themselves and the instructors at O’Neill strive to challenge each student to foster growth as an artist. 

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 Students will study theory and history of music as stated in the Ministry of Ontario Curriculum Documents. Performing Arts students will also research and present information to the class in each year of study.


All instrumental students are required to perform in a concert band at the appropriate level. The more active a student becomes, the more they will get out of the program. O.C.V.I. is also very proud to offer Instrumental Repertoire courses for those students who would like to further develop their instrumental abilities.

By the Year

At the grade nine and ten levels the course focuses on techniques used in performing solos and small ensembles. At the grade eleven and twelve levels the focus shifts to performance is large ensembles, namely Jazz Ensemble and Wind Ensemble.