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Instrumental     Audition

Applicants will submit an audition video and will participate in an in-person interview and audition with Performing Arts staff.


Instrumental Audition Video:

  1. If you’ve had the opportunity to learn an instrument, please prepare and record one or two musical pieces on your instrument. Your musical piece does not need to be memorized. 

  2. When you record your performance, be sure you are clearly seen in your video and are in a well-lit space. Additionally, practice and test your acoustics (sound) before you complete your final take.

  3. When you are ready to submit your audition video, please upload it to the Audition Video Upload found on the audition page of the Performing Arts website.  


Please note: as not all students may have had an opportunity to learn an instrument, you may apply for an interview ONLY and be considered based on your interview. 


**We will work with you during the audition, so be sure to bring your instrument if you play an instrument, AND submit an instrumental audition.


In-person Interview:

During the interview with the Performing Arts staff, we will:

  • ask you questions about your passion for music

  • have you play for us, and we will work with you

  • discuss your willingness to learn an instrument (if you have not yet learned) 

  • lead you through some musical exercises and activities

Instrumental Audition Requirements

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