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A choir (Treble Voices) stands together wearing black dresses and singing at a concert.

O'Neill P.A.

P.A. clubs and teams make up a huge part of our program. Joining extracurriculars will maximize your student experience and provide you with dozens of opportunities!


View our current extracurricular schedule here.

Jazz Bands
Dance Groups

A large band sits outside and performs, being conducted by an instrumental teacher.


O'Neill Chamber Choir, Men's Choir, Treble Voices, Concert Choir, Jazz Disciples.

A group of O'Neill PA students posed together.

Though I have only been in Chamber Choir when it was online, I still had a very fun and positive experience. Both [Chamber Choir and Treble Voices] had fun songs that we all got to sing and perform and I had a really great time spending extra time after schools singing. I would definitely recommend these choirs.

Sofia, Vocal Student


Grade 9 Band, Symphonic Winds (Grade 10 Band), Senior Winds, OJ3, OJ2, OJ1, Pit Band , Brass Band

I have been a part of Senior Winds and it was a great experience. I got to learn really complicated pieces, but I also was apart of a group of really talented individuals.

Grace, Instrumental Student

A group of instrumental students, wearing formal wear, perform at a hall outside of O'Neill

Dance Groups

A group of dance students posed in varying fluid movement positions at a gallery outside of O'Neill

Dance ensemble is an amazing group of dancers that collaborate and perform together. I was able to create alongside motivated and passionate individuals and perform within the community. I highly recommend that any students who have the opportunity to take part in ensemble do.

Shannon, Dance Student

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