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  • Can I audition for more than one discipline?
    You may audition for as many disciplines as you wish. If you are successful, you will be placed in the discipline we feel is the best experience for you. Please book a separate audition time for each arts discipline, but only fill out one application form.
  • What if I am in grade 10 or 11?
    If you are auditioning for grade 10 or 11 entry, you may audition for any single discipline, or as many as you wish.
  • Can I re-audition if I am unsuccessful this year?
    Yes! Students are always welcome to come back and try the audition again for their grade 10 year.
  • What should I wear to my audition?
    We want you to feel comfortable, so please come dressed as you wish. There is no specific dress code for any discipline.
  • What are the costs associated with being in the PA program?
    Every year, students in the program pay a fee of $60. This fee off-sets the costs of guest artists, course materials, equipment purchases and maintenance. ​ There are some additional costs for ensemble uniforms and field trips. Students are provided with fundraising opportunities by OMPAPA (O'Neill Music & Performing Arts Parents' Association).
  • Is there a fee to register for an audition?
    No. There is no fee to audition for the PA program. Our aim is to provide equitable access for all student applicants.
  • Is there a program for JUST drama?
    No. Students who want to participate in the drama portion of our program must take the vocal/drama program. While at O'Neill, they will take a combination of both vocal and drama courses.
  • Non-Arts Pathways
    Required courses for ANY pathway will fit into your schedule over your 4 years. Many PA students do not pursue a career in the arts, however, recognize that these skills are transferable and valued by post-secondary institutions for acceptance and scholarship panels, as well as future employers.
  • Required Courses in Grade 9
    Students enroll in English, French, Math, Science, Geography, Phys-ed, and their two electives are their PA courses.
  • Sports and Extracurriculars
    Students in the Performing Arts Program are encouraged to participate in phys-ed extracurricular activities, and other school clubs, so long as they make time to fulfill their Performing Arts responsibilities.
  • Does the DDSB provide transportation?
    If you are a student living in the area, you can take the school buses that mainstream O'Neill students take to get to school. However, if you are living out-of-area, the DDSB does not provide bussing. Many of our P.A. students carpool together or take public transit to get to and from O'Neill!
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