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SOBF Southern Ontario Band Festival

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many pieces should our ensemble perform?

All ensembles should present a program of three (3) contrasting selections, including a ballad. Jazz repertoire is encouraged; i.e. Swing, Jazz Blues, Ballads, Jazz Rock, Latin Jazz, Samba, etc; Pop material is inappropriate. For repertoire suggestions please see the MusicFest Canada Jazz Syllabus. Syllabus. The ensemble must consider timing rules when selecting repertoire. (see next point)

How long does our group have on stage?

Performance time is limited to a maximum of 30 MINUTES which will include: set up, brief sound check, introduction of the ensemble, performance, and exit from the stage. This time block will be strictly enforced. Any ensemble exceeding this time restriction may have their performance time cut short.

How many copies of scores do I need to bring?

Big bands should bring 2 conductor's scores for each song selection to the registration desk when you arrive. (Due to copyright laws, photocopies cannot be accepted. If originals are not possible, a letter from the publisher along with the photocopies may suffice). Scores will be returned to you after your performance.

Combos should bring 2 copies of score or lead sheet to registration upon arrival.

What are the age categories/classes?

Classes are categorized the same as those for MusicFest Canada. The complete list can be found here under the Instrumental Jazz section: MusicFest Canada Rules and Regulations.

What equipment is provided at the Southern Ontario Band Festival?

The following will be provided:
- bass amp
- guitar amp
- piano
- keyboard (basic piano sounds only)
- keyboard amp
- mic for vocalist (if requested)
- drum kit
- vibes (available, but must be indicated on band layout form)
- congas (available, but must be indicated on band layout form; STICKS MAY NOT BE USED ON CONGAS)

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