Enrichment Opportunities / Experiential Learning

Here at O’Neill, we believe in nurturing the academic development of students through meaningful arts experiences. Students’ learning is infused with enrichment opportunities, challenging them to build upon prior knowledge.

Each year we partake in a performance tour, allowing students to travel and tour together, forming life-long memories and showcasing their passion in unique performance venues. Over the last fifteen years, our performance tours to England, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Greece, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Halifax, Quebec City, Banff, and across Ontario have offered memorable creative arts experiences to hundreds of students.

Learning in COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic we have strived to create a learning environment for students that continues to inspire creativity and fun. Our school's library has been made into a keyboard lab. This allows students to get a hands-on experience learning piano and music theory. In addition to this, we have started to use bucket drums as a way to learn rhythm.

We continue to perform in online settings, creating and producing videos that are regularly posted onto our Youtube Channel.

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