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Dance     Audition


Dance Audition Requirements

Please note that all dance auditions will be conducted IN PERSON. Applicants will submit an audition video and will participate in an IN PERSON interview and guided movement activity with Performing Arts staff. 


Dance Audition Video:

  • Please perform one minute of any movement piece of your choice. This can be a dance you've created yourself, or one that you have learned.

  • If your chosen piece to perform is not self-created, please also prepare a 30 second piece of dance work created by you! 

  • When you record your performance, be sure you are clearly seen in your video and are in a well-lit space. 

  • When you are ready to submit your audition video, please upload it to the Audition Video Upload found on the audition page of the Performing Arts website. 


In-person Interview:

During the interview, you will:

  • be asked to talk about how you created your work

  • be led through a short creative process/movement building exercise

  • be led through a guided improvisation activity 

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