Dance     Audition

A dance student crouches near the ground outside with their harms stretched up and out.

Dance Audition Requirements

Please note that all Dance Auditions will be conducted in a virtual manner. Applicants will submit an audition video and will participate in a live online interview with Performing Arts staff. 


Dance Audition Video:

  • Please perform 1 movement piece of your choice. This can be a dance you've created yourself, or one that you have learned. 

  • If your chosen piece to perform is not self-created, please also prepare a 30 second piece of dance work created by you! 

  • When you record your performance, be sure you are clearly seen in your video and are in a well-lit space. 

  • When you are ready to submit your audition video, please upload it to the Audition Video Upload found on the audition page of the Performing Arts website. 


In-person Interview:

During the interview, you will:

  • be asked to talk about how you created your work

  • be led through a short creative process/movement building exercise