The O’Neill Drama Program

The Performing Arts drama program is designed as a four-year program. Each year the program is growing and new ventures are undertaken. The more active a student becomes, the more they will get out of the program. The program starts in grade nine with a course designed to introduce students to the basic elements of theatre. It starts curriculum heavy as the students must learn the fundamentals such as staging, vocabulary, simple acting techniques, and class collaboration.


In grade ten we shift into a more intense study of drama and theatre. In this course more emphasis is placed on individual learning highlighted by student monologues. The main production of this class will be a straight drama. The show will be shown over two evenings. The year-end project has the students assuming a position of a theatre company and preparing a proper in-depth proposal for a professional show. This project prepares them for the grade eleven course. Grade Eleven is the highlight for many students with the production of the large musical. Professional in nature, the grade eleven class replicates the process a live theatre would undertake while producing a show. A strong school commitment is witnessed at this point, with many different teachers and students contributing to the overall success.


Grade Twelve again focuses more on the individual but is still performance based. This course will introduce students to professionals in the community while witnessing live theatre and partaking in workshops. Students are challenged to push and expand their skills through scene study, one act plays and monologue work. As well, this course will feature a larger amount of theory in order to prepare students for post-secondary studies.​